Information Governance Specialist

Brief description

The purpose of this position is to drive the improvement of data governance and security maturity levels within the South African Reserve Bank Group (SARB) to support reliable decision-making, appropriate data usage and protection thereof.

Detailed description

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following key performance areas:

 Conduct an assessment on data governance and security maturity levels within the SARB Group against best practices.

 Develop standards, guidelines, processes and procedures for data governance as well as security within the SARB Group.

 Develop and promote data governance and security awareness across the organisation to ensure appropriate usage of business information.

 Contribute towards the development of the SARB data strategy and monitor the data strategy progress.

 Define data governance, and security measurement and metrics to support reliable decision-making and appropriate data usage.

 Monitor, measure and report on the data stewardship levels to ensure the appropriate data usage.

 Enable the improvement of data governance and security capability by developing relevant stakeholders in all aspects of data governance and security.

 Play an oversight role in the remediation of data governance and security issues.

 Play an oversight role in the development of a data security management plan.

 Maintain relationship with the vendors of third parties.

Job requirements

To be considered for this position, candidates must have:

 a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering or an equivalent qualification;

 a relevant data governance and security certification (e.g. CDMDP Associate); and

 five to eight years’ experience in the field of data management.

DAMA framework principles knowledge and experience is a must!

Additional requirements include:

 enterprise information management (EIM) strategy knowledge and skills;

 EIM legislation and governance, risk and compliance knowledge and skills;

 information governance knowledge and skills; and

 EIM reporting knowledge and skills.

If you meet the above requirements forward your CV to