Senior Data Analyst

Brief description

The purpose of this position is to analyse and provide insight into the current state of data and its maturity, in order to support reliable and effective decision-making within the South African Reserve Bank Group (SARB Group).

Detailed description

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following key performance areas:

 Discover data by applying data discovery mechanisms in order to establish the data sets within the SARB.

 Identify data profiles of datasets discovered in order to determine completeness and compliance as well as for the purpose of inventory management.

 Establish relationships between data elements and their impact on the business.

 Understand business requirements and address matters of data completeness and data quality.

 Conduct analysis in order to track dataset lifecycle from its initial generation to its eventual archival and/or deletion.

 Conduct data analysis in order to determine various categories of data and information.

 Conduct data analysis to determine the importance of the data to the business and the probability of reuse.

 Produce regular reports and provide status updates as well as information for business domain.

 Develop and manage stakeholder relations effectively to promote data management across the organisation and support reliable decision-making and appropriate data usage.

 Provide input as data transitions from source to destination.

Job requirements

To be considered for this position, candidates must have:

 a Bachelor’s degree (NQF 7) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Data Science or an equivalent qualification; and

 five to eight years’ job-related experience within the data analysis environment.

DAMA framework principles knowledge and experience is a must!

Additional requirements include:

 capacity and performance management

 extensive knowledge of best practices/methodologies in data warehousing and multi-dimensional data modelling (OLAP e.g. ESSBASE or Microsoft Analysis Services), system design and management;

 extensive knowledge of most data modelling techniques;

 extensive knowledge of the most common RDBMS technologies (e.g. Oracle, IBM, SQLServer, MySql);

 experience in deploying and managing big bata environments (e.g HADOOP, SPARK and NoSQL);

 knowledge of database query languages (e.g. SQL);

 experience with a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to JAVA and C#; and

 experience in using a broad variety of integration techniques, patterns, tools and methodologies.

If you meet the above requirements forward your CV to